Radius Networks

Director API

This document describes the API designed to integrate Director with other systems. It is specifically intended to provide access to the features and functionality available through the web interface.

Data synchronization, communicating with the SDKs, and configuring hardware is not part of this API. Radius Networks has other resources for many of those needs.


We use IDs for linkage between objects. This makes it possible to cache documents from compound responses and then limit subsequent requests to only the documents that aren't already present locally.

Resource relationships are created through the use of URI templates and resource identifiers. To prevent future breakage we recommend creating the URIs from the templates over hardcoding to the individual resources.

Current Version

By default, all requests receive the v1 version of the API.


All API access is over HTTPS, and accessed from the director.github.com domain. All data is sent and received as JSON.

Blank fields are included as null instead of being omitted.

All timestamps are returned in ISO 8601 format:




The API Key is passed via the Authorization header:

Authorization: Token token="secret"

The API Key is associated with your account and has access to all the resources associated with your account. Account specific API keys have different permissions than the web login users that can interact with the dashboard, and the access may be different.

If you do not have an API key, you can create one here.

Note: Per RFC 2616 the Authorization Header's token needs to be surrounded by double quotes (").

Content Type

The content type is vnd.rn+json and should be set in the Content-Type header:

Content-Type: application/vnd.rn+json